Member List

updated 21st September 2017

Councillor Stefan Barnes Chairman/Town Mayor 2017/2018
Councillor Tom Bowman
Councillor Philip English  
Councillor Jenny Rutland  
Councillor Ted Strike  
Councillor Cheryl Thomas  
Councillor James Emmerson Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor 2017/2018
Councillor Ann Kenyon
Councillor Megan Patterson
Councillor Ross Patterson
Councillor Sally Ann Watson
Councillor Jean Kirby
Paula Hall  
Office Address:
Ingleby Barwick Town Council
Barwick Lodge
Ingleby Way
Ingleby Barwick
TS17 0RH
Tel: 01642 308665

The Good Councillors Guide – Essential guidance for parish and town councillors’ has been published. This revised and updated fourth edition is a welcome and an essential resource for new and established councillors but also for those thinking about becoming a local councillor. It looks at new powers that local (parish and town) councils have after the Localism Act 2011 came into force as well as councillors responsibilities; what they can do and must not do; processes around meetings; delivery of service; and lots of tips explaining in simple terms the broader world of local government.

A copy of the guide can be downloaded from here

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